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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  December 1, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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protected by the first amendment? >> pulte -- chalk one up for paul schurick's defense today. he is accused of teaming up and using robotics calls to keepers voters home -- to keep voters home. but the judge hearing the case agreed with defense lawyers, there's not enough evidence to allow the charge to stand. he granted the defense motion to acquit on that count of the indictment. >> is a serious count and it goes to the heart of the case. >> the judge said that the recalls were not illegal, but protected -- the phone calls were not illegal, or protected by free speech. he ruled to let the other four charges stand.
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fraud byged with suggesting that the election was over before the polls had closed. most people see it as an attempt to get people to stay home. still, the lawyers say it is a slippery slope. >> if you carry it to its logical: -- conclusion, the state prosecutor could prosecute a blocker who says the same thing on his block. >> we now know the identity of the person found burned inside a vehicle on thanksgiving morning in baltimore county. the chief medical examiner confirms 51-year-old carolyn davidsen von schnell was in the car. officials are not determining right now how she died, but the car rolled over a hill before catching fire.
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>> police are also investigating an accident involving one of their officers. police say a car was involved in an early-morning hit and run and then rammed a police car on the overpass. the accident shut down all lanes for several hours. that suspect is in custody. police say officers received a call about a stolen vehicle being driven through areas of south baltimore just after 6:00 p.m. wednesday night. police say they tried to stop the driver, but he refused and eventually made his way to prince george's county. the suspect later lost control of the truck and was arrested. police are expected to file charges against the driver. the suspect's name has not been released. >> we are learning more about the clash between the circuit court and an online blogger last month.
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lowell melzer joins us live with more. >> the feud between meister and conway has been ongoing and appeared to be at a boiling point on november 21. this four-page report that police revealed earlier today seems to contradict both statements that both men made, burning more confusion to this case. -- bringing more confusion to this case. >> one thing is for sure, there were some kind of confrontation between blocker atomizer and court clerk frank conway on november 21. -- between online blocker adam meister and court clerk frank conway on november 21. >> he moved to punch me. of course, it did not hit me. look at me. i'm in great shape. >> there was also talk that it was possible that conway pulled
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out a gun, which he has denied. but i did not brandished a gun. >> you did not pull a gun out? >> absolutely not. no need to. i could have taking care of him otherwise. >> police have released a four- page detailed report of what two officers saw that night. according to the report, the officers were driving in the 32 under block of liberty heights when they saw a white male, meister, screaming at a black male, conway. meister went into a fighting stance and try to kick conway. at this point, conway readfield a handgun in a holster. -- conway revealed a handgun in a holster. conway revealed to police that meister had confronted him at his front door and the action continued in the street. police never arrested either man. however, because his concealed
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permit has expired, police adipic seized conway's revolvers as well as five rounds. most of this stems from meister's claimed that conway and belinda conway do not live in their home. it is believed that is what lost her council seat, causing them to drop a $21 million lawsuit against meister. >> charges have not been filed. and speaking of those charges, a special prosecutor appointed by the state's attorney's office has been quiet on this case, so it is unclear where it will go. the final numbers are in for november, 2011. the official monthly average
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temperature adjusted to 50.5 degrees for the month. that puts us in a tie for the 15th warmest november on record. baltimore records go back to 1871 as far as temperatures go. 2011 is tied for 15th place out of 141. october finished with a burst of snow, but then the warmth came back for the month of november. it has been a beautiful day out there today, but a bit on the cold side. 30's in the mountains. loh 50's in baltimore. upper 50's ahman the coast. -- along the coast. it has been selling in denver in the 20's and it looks like they are in for more. -- it has been selling in denver and is in the 20's and it looks like they are in for more. relatively mild for december
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around here, and dry it expected for the weekend. more on the forecast coming out. >> in our commitment 2012 report, the iowa caucuses are 33 days away and the race there just got a little hotter. mitt romney, who looked like he would take a pass on iowa signaled today that he will fight the republican lead in iowa now. steve handelsman has the story from washington. >> at the front runner, newt gingrich in highlight today, we're in the latest polls he has the double-digit lead. he is selling himself as the idea died in a crisis. >> do not vote for me -- as the idea guy in a crisis.
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>> some former house colleagues are saying, here we go again. >> what we always get with newt gingrich is high drama, these great ideas, but the story line is always about newt. >> as this new to the moment has been happening, romney is floating around 20% to 25% in the polls and is suddenly down into the teens. >> romney's negative rating went from 25% in january to 35% now. >> this is an unusual interview. let's do it again. >> he squirmed on fox when asked about his massachusetts health- care plan. >> i will defend that, and i'll understand it has political implications, and if it keeps me from winning a primary, so be it. >> but after months, grondine
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launched this ad in iowa, his first there. -- rodney launched this ad in iowa, his first there. another front runner, herman cain, said he will see his wife tomorrow since the crisis got worse and then he will decide if he stays in the race tomorrow. >> hard to believe, but 30 years ago today, aids was identified as one of the most devastating epidemics in the history of the world. >> but nearly 30 million funeral's later, the u.s. has a goal to push down on that number by 2013 and how baltimore is part of that plan. >> plus, a free choice are over at mcdonald's --
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>> right now, a live look at the lighting ceremonies for the national christmas tree. president obama and his family are on hand for the tree lighting. the street is standing at 26 feet tall. but that is not the only lighting taking place tonight.
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we're just a couple of hours ridingom baltimore's event. if it is too cold for you to venture out, which is not compare to last year, you can watch it all right here on wbal tv. donna hamilton will be your host. she joins us now from mount vernon with a preview. >> it is starting to really come together down here. it is a beautiful night for the 40th annual monumental occasion, which is the lighting of the washington monument. i found my own little personal spotlight here. it is not lidge yet, but in a few hours it will be. -- is not without yet, but in a few hours it will be. let's go over here. we have found two ladies who have come super early to get a front row seat. >> i am pamela. >> i am destiny.
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>> i am digging that hat, girl. >> thank you. >> and what are you eating? >> it gumball -- gumbo. >> that sounds fabulous. >> what time did you get here? >> early 30. >> i do not even know what that is, but you have been here for a while, right? you have the best seat in the house for sure. enjoy. we're also going to talk to a civil war sent out. i think he is around here somewhere. it is going to be lots of fun. we will be live at 7:00 p.m. but a bit warmer than it was last year -- >> a little bit warmer than it was last year. >> oh, definitely. it is brisk. i will not say it is not cold,
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but not horrendously cold. >> thank you, donna. donna will be joined by eri and mindy basara. tonight's one-hour special, a monumental occasion beating at 7:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11 -- beginning at 7:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11. >> the use of ipads is helping doctors in norway provide better treatment for cancer patients. patients are asked a series of questions using ipads and the answers are uploaded to the doctor's data base. this new system seeks to help solve the problem of fewer employees. however, some fear it will make the relationship between doctor and patient more impersonal.
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a new poll of 2000 adults find more than 80% of americans eat or drink while driving. more than half talk on a non- handsfree cellphone and one out of three text behind the wheel. about 14% admitted to putting maika on inside the car. -- putting make up on inside the car. and young drivers are more likely to be distracted behind the wheel. and man often get distracted by the gps all driving. a local ordinance prevent restaurants from offering free toys for kids' meals over 600 calories. if parents want a toy for that meal, they will have to buy it for 10 cents. mcdonald's also offers apple slices at a site option in an attempt to lower calories in the kids' meals.
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>> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> in november was about 4 degrees warmer on average for the entire month. in december, we start again with a milder than normal weather pattern for this first day of the last month of the year. 53 degrees at b.w.i. marshall is the official. the normal high is only 50. 37 is the low so far today. the record is freezing. two years ago we were 75 degrees on the first of december. the back to 1967 and it was a low of 12 degrees for the record low. we will not see any freezing around here until monday of next week going into tuesday. you can see the end result on the satellite radar composite. that stretches all the way up
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into scranton, new york, and new england. high pressure is strong and temperatures are cool, but not that bad. 48 in baltimore right now. 44 at ocean city. 34 at oakland to our west. 53 in roanoke, west virginia. cold temperatures t west, but they would like it to be a lot colder at the ski resorts. skies will stay clear and the temperatures will cool quickly through the evening. around the beltway, mostly in the upper 40's. 52 degrees at the science center around downtown baltimore. 49 at the eastern shore. temperatures will be down to the mid 20's in the suburbs and mid 30's at the inner harbor. all of the winter weather will be out west for the next several days.
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snow showers in new england. a bit of cloud cover passing by with the disturbance out tomorrow. stormy weather will be out over the southwest and parts of texas, southern rockies, and snow in denver. only in the 20's their saturday afternoon with snow in denver. northern mexico, showers with warmer air from dallas to kansas city. temperatures here will be a couple of degrees above normal through the weekend. mostly sunny tomorrow, highs of 52-57. bayh water temperatures in the upper 40's and loh 50's. it looks like temperatures are in the 40's for friday and
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saturday with a good deal of sunshine. on the eastern shore,-the 50's with a good deal of sun on friday and saturday. the insta-weather plus seven- day, mid 50's tomorrow, a bit cooler on saturday, back to 56 on sunday. clouds increasing on monday with rain in arriving in the evening. rain is likely on tuesday and wednesday followed by gusty winds and clearing skies wednesday night into thursday. >> tens of thousands of runners arbor dissipating in this year's baltimore marathon. -- participated in this year's baltimore marathon. >> how much money did it for the bring in? a new study breaks it all down. >> a new bank in howard county. that story, coming up. >> an annual tradition here in maryland. i will explain.
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>> a new board and a new look for oriole park at camden yards. some changes, including turning the picnic area into a park, with space for concessions and a rooftop viewing area. it will all be open on non-game days as well. the price tag so far is $1.8 million. >> if you are a horse, of course, there's nothing better than to munch on some hate all day -- some hay all day. for horse owners who need help, there is not a hate bank. -- there is now a hay bank. >> that idea is to help responsible horse owners get through tough times.
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christina runs the worst -- draft horse rescue in howard county. she has seen how the hard times have forced force owners to give up their animals. >> more and more horses were being given away or sent to auction by those who were really good horse owners who felt they did not have a choice. >> she and others got together to open the maryland hay bank to help horse owners get through tough times. >> i'm really excited we found out about it and that they are offering this to help us through the winter, so we can get through a rough time. it means a lot. >> the goal of the hay bank is to help responsible owners keep their horses fed and at their own farms, instead of keep -- instead of ending up at a horse
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rescue. >> we are trying to help those who have a great horse keep them. >> dehaven thank -- the hay bank opened up about four months ago and so far they have given away about 400 bales of hay. >> very unusual. >> yes, it is. >> city officials are working to bring the aids epidemic rate screeching halt. >> will tell you how they plan to do it and house of local colleges are making strides. >> -- and how some local colleges are making strides. >> still ahead, the question remains, can wall street build on some much needed strength?
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>> buehr watching wbal tv 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd with the stan stovall, donna hamilton, and tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> new tonight, maryland college students are among the millions of people trying to bring attention to the aids epidemic during a worldwide recognition. for the last decade, baltimore has been among the top 10 cities in the nation for new cases of
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hiv infection. that is according to the city's health department. >> and on its worldwide aids day, the city is joining to get more people tested for hiv. tim tooten is live with the story. >> baltimore health officials just announced a new strategy to reduce hiv infections by 2015, and they are going a step further now to educate local residents about what to do. >> at the university of maryland baltimore, students are leading by example. they showed up to be tested for hiv infections. the school also opened its doors to the public. >> this school was very successful. i encourage everyone to get tested. it is very important. >> it was done by the school of medicine and the school of nursing students. >> it should be like any other type of health screening that everyone does yearly, not just for people who may be at risk, but for everyone. >> according to the cdc maryland
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has the fourth highest rate of hiv prevalence in the country. in 2009, that state had 19.9 cases for every 1000 people. an estimated 20% of state residents who may have hiv are not aware of their hiv status. >> we are trying to identify people earlier. the earlier you diagnose, but earlier you get them and treatment. not only can they have a longer life, but the chances of transmitting hiv are much lower. >> school officials also held world aids day activities on campus and in the community. >> we will be having a health care where individuals can come down for free testing, for information, as well as counseling about how aids is affecting our community. >> more than 1000 people showed up to form one of the largest living red ribbons. the group was trying to set a world record.
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>> other local aids day activities are planned throughout the city. >> here's a look at some of the other top stories. former gov. bob ehrlich testified in the robo calls case against one of his aides. the judge threw out one of the most serious charges today. already, a judge has decided there's not enough evidence to allow the obstruction of justice charge to follow through. the other charges will stand. paul schurick is accused of teaming up with a political consultant in november 2010 election to illegally persuade voters to stay home. detectives say city police were following a car on the inner loop of the beltway. they said that car was involved in an early-morning hit and run the car rammed -- and the car rammed a police cruiser near an on ramp. the suspect is now in custody.
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gary der jainal -- you're gonna giordano is back in the u.s. and says that the insurance policy he took out on his traveling partner was part of a traveling insurance policy he took out on them both. >> the dow is down about 25 points, but on main street, there are signs consumer confidence is on the rise. michelle franzen has more. >> despite a global slowdown in growth, manufacturing in the u.s. is up overall. a report by the institute for supply management shows new orders in factories for
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computers and electronics. would and textiles also rose last month. consumers are showing the most confidence when it comes to spending. black friday proved that. shoppers spent a record $52 billion on gifts, including electronics, clothing and toys. >> celebrating the holiday season. >> and it is the season to buy cars and trucks. chrysler reported a 45% jump in sales from a year ago, nissan 19%, and general motors cruises in with a 7% increase. when it comes to hiring, the outlook is not as festive. new jobless claims were expected to go up last week and businesses are slowly adding to their payrolls. the stock market is also riding a roller-coaster due to the global slump and europe's credit crisis. d worry, s continue
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verging on a sense that it is inevitable that your records to have a crash. >> a mixed bag for the economy, and one experts say could carry over into the new year. >> the baltimore bunning festival brought in more than $30 million for the state economy. it solidifies the marathons' status as one of the biggest running events in the state. we saw a jump in for depends to a record 25,000 runners. for the ninth year in a row, there has been an increase in the people hitting the pavement. and has pulled in $193 million since its start in 2001. >> a chain reaction on how we end up in a 50-heil -- 50-car pileup.
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and after scandal rocks penn state posey campus, an unusual letter is sent out to campus students. -- after a a scandal rocks penn state's campus, an unusual letter sent out to get the students. >> you can get a reindeer antlers year and much more.
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>> investigators say the weather 5-s likely a factor in his 40 car pileup. the national weather service reported heavy frost and freezing fog during rush-hour about an hour outside of nashville, tennessee. there or a couple of miles of an elevated section of highway that is now closed. >> penn state will give more than a million dollars of its post season revenue to two sex crimes groups after allegations against former coach jerry
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sandusky. the money will go to the national coalition against rape and the national sexual violence research center. the university president says that scandal in it -- illustrates the impact these crimes have not only on the individuals, but the broader community. the letter reads in part, "thank you for your interest in admission to penn state. please continue to consider joining." investigators executed third seal search warrant against burnie 5. his office was searched and his home last week. the team leading the
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investigation has not said what it sought or would it found. was fired sunday. >> these preparations all getting ready for the bicentennial airshow. maryland tourism officials hope to draw more than 1 million visitors from around the country to celebrate the bicentennial of our national anthem. >> this international maritime and air festival promises to be worthy of our proud heritage, because when it comes to air shows, as we just saw a little preview, no one does it better than the blue angels. >> the international maritime festival will take place june 13-19. michael phelps is trying his hand at modeling. >> is all part of an effort to make swimmer's faster. we will explain.
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>> the typical middle-class family will see a thousand dollar tax increase at the worst possible time for the economy and these families. >> the president is talking about a key vote in congress this begin that could significantly impact our wallets. what needs to happen to keep your payroll taxes from skyrocketing. >> cool air around the mid- atlantic region. we will see how this impacts the seven-day forecast. right now amapola cool air and the winds are out of the
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>> here's what we're working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. will have a live report on the clash between adam mizer and frank conway pipper. and in the case against the former aide
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>> we are just over an hour away from a monumental occasion. >> it is the 40th annual lighting event in baltimore. >> what is happening? >> you will not believe life down here. remember "crabs before christmas"? >> how are you doing? you should come down here. we are going to be singing "crabs for christmas." i will be giving away my new album. there we go. are we good? let me get my staple gun. it will not take me any time at all. >> i just need to get down to the ocean. [laughter]
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let's put it back the way it was. you guys are performing tonight, right? >> we are. we will be singing. >> also your tonight is the civil war sent out. -- here tonight is the civil war .antan nice costume. >> it is not a costume. it is my suit. >> that is right. did it used to dress differently? >> after the civil war, it became a more americanized. >> people can come here and they can go there, right? >> that is right. and that is where i will be, actually. the new boys and girls and
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giving them cookies and things like that. -- meeting with the boys and girls and giving them cookies and things like that. >> that is right. you have cookies. say, mary christmas. >> merry christmas. >> will be back with more. >> thank you, donna and santa. many of your sharing your photos with us. -- many of you for sharing your photos with us. .> here is melanie's tree share your holiday photos and click on "ulocal." tonight's ceremony begins very shortly at 7:00 p.m.
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meanwhile, there's hardly any wind blowing. >> i kind of wish it was snowing. i know you do not want to hear it. >> i do not want to hear it. >> clear skies, mellow temperatures. highs in a low 50's in early december. that is not too bad at all. the typical high for the first of december is only 50. and the record high, just five years ago, 75 degrees. the first of december 1967, down to 12 degrees for the record low. a wide range of possibility. today continued the theme of november, a little warmer than normal in the mid-atlantic. tonight, clear skies and high pressure building in. even though we were in the low 50s earlier, temperatures already setting -- settling back into the 40's. the cool air around the region
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will develop overnight tonight. by dawn, temperatures in the 20's in the northern and western suburbs. on the eastern shore, 40 degrees. 36 near the bay overnight. the stormy, wintry weather will be in the rockies for the next several days. the worst the weather gets out here -- the worst the weather gets out here, the nicer it will be in the mid-atlantic. tomorrow, a front stretching to the northern new england area and down through may be as low as pennsylvania. other than that, high pressure will rule the roost right through the upcoming weekend. stormy conditions continue to plague the rockies. denver is set for more snow on saturday with temperatures only in the 20's out west. the days are getting shorter. sunset's at 4:44 p.m. tomorrow.
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western maryland, they're looking for snow this time of year. it will be a sunny friday and saturday and temperatures well above freezing, 42-46 degrees. temperatures above normal friday and saturday. midge 50's tomorrow and saturday. craine chances do not show up in the seven-day forecast until monday. for the next three days, very nice. warming up a bit sunday. monday will see increasing cloudiness, but the rain holds off until after sunset. we might even touched 62 on sunday before it cools off in the middle of next week. >> in tonight's consumer alert, in case you did not know, your
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cable taxes dropped 2% this year. that has put an extra $1,000 in the pockets of most working families. but if congress does not act, you will lose that money january 1. a vote is scheduled on monday over that issue, how to pay for it. republicans want to pay for it by freezing pay of federal workers, cutting 200,000 government jobs -- cutting 2000 government jobs. democrats want to pay for it by taxing millionaires. >> a small surplus will generate enough money to give a payroll tax cut to thousands of working families. >> a typical tax increase for the middle-class family will be about $1,000. if the cat is not passed. insider-trading is against the law, but for congress is not so clear. critics say they're making a bundle trading stocks based on their access to private information.
5:51 pm
a senate committee held a hearing on the issue today. >> experts say there are ambiguities in the current law, loopholes to ensure that members of congress are held to the same standards as everyone else. >> government watchdogs claim some members of congress are getting rich off insider trading. >> america does not trust you. >> this hearing called after a "60 minutes" report exposed potential conflicts among lawmakers. congress is considering legislation that would explicitly ban legislators from using insider knowledge for financial gain. >> we must make it unambiguous that this kind of behavior is illegal. >> some would say the sec rules already prohibit lawmakers from making insider stock trades. >> congress in no way has sought
5:52 pm
to immunize itself. >> the debate has put some lawmakers on the defensive. >> i have never been involved in the last decade or two in any day-to-day discussions about my stock trades. >> leaders on both sides of the aisle say they welcome hearings to determine whether the current laws are adequate. >> i hope is not as necessary as the hoopla over it makes it seem. i hope that we disclose what we do. >> the house committee sent out a memo on tuesday reminding lawmakers that insider trading violates house rules and could be a violation of law. >> michael phelps, now a model for speedo. the olympic gold medalist joins fellow swimmers to unveil the latest line of speechless when suits. -- speedo swimsuits.
5:53 pm
>> we obviously have to feel comfortable in our suits. you can say with all of us that we are comfortable. we think it's going to help us. >> the swimwear is not just available for olympians. it will be available on line starting today. with the iowa caucuses just over a month away, republicans are kicking their campaigns into high gear. mitt romney launched his first television ad in iowa as newt gingrich is surging ahead in the polls. herman cain is continuing to reevaluate his campaign. >> you can get all sorts of holiday cheer on board the m.t.a.'s haleh bus. i will explain. -- holiday boss. i will explain. e
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prices is a decades old transit shouldn't, the maryland transportation administration does every year at this time. >> the m.t.a. takes as i ride on the nga holiday bus. >> santa has taken on a second job this but -- this month, he is moonlighting behind the wheel of an mta bus.
5:57 pm
from now until december 22, the bus will take different routes around baltimore every day. then that will offer candy canes in addition to a decorative atmosphere and, of course, holiday cheer. correct it was good to put -- it was -- >> it was nice to put a smile on my face, and to see the elves. >> did it picked me out? it picked me up. but i was looking for rudi. >> i liked it. >> and one of the best surprises for these patrons, the ride on the bus is free. >> it is a small thank you, but just the thought of a free ride on the bus, hop on the bus and see santa claus and and be told you do not have to pay the fare that day, it is something that brings joy to people. >> and if these writers are any indication -- bus riders are any
5:58 pm
indication, it will be a good thing. it runs each day, but is up to santa claus which route he takes each day. >> that is it for 5:00 p.m. here is what is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> new information on the altercation between atomizer and frank conway. -- adem my sister anne frank conway. >> i'm in washington with more on where the race stands nearly a month out from the first presidential nominating contests. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> our big story tonight at 6:00 p.m., a major blow for the prosecution in the case against the aid to bob ehrlich. >> the judge is allowing the case to go forward, despite one
5:59 pm
of the most serious charges being thrown out. gov. bob ehrlich -- former gov. bob ehrlich appeared as a character witness for paul schurick. he is accused of using phone calls to keep voters home in the 2010 governor's race. is it really protected by the first amendment? >> the aid to bob ehrlich is accused of teaming up with a political consultant in the november 2010 election and using a robo call to illegally persuade voters to stay home. the judge hearing the case agreed with defense lawyers, there's not enough evidence to allow the charts to stand. he granted the motion to acquit on that count of the indictment. >> it is a serious count and it goes to the s


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